To the surprise of us Tory members/voters, Caroline Nokes MP lost the whip over one vote on one area of policy; Brexit.

This was in the context of Caroline dedicating herself totally to our constituency for over a decade.

Supported by staff, she has contributed a lot to UK politics through her work in multiple government departments.

Caroline has been a strong mentor, especially to young people who are new to politics. She was an invaluable mentor to me when I was younger.

If this were any other policy area and an MP had rebelled due to a specific, one-off point of disagreement, momentum-style Conservative deselection would be unthinkable.

It is worth remembering that Romsey actually voted to Remain.

As a former Vote Leave area coordinator, even I have to concede there isn’t a majority for a no deal Brexit in this constituency.

Long-serving activists from the association’s pro-Brexit wing do not support the withdrawal of the whip.

There may be a few new, self-declared Tory supporters/members on social media who do.

I am not aware any of them have spent years delivering leaflets and working for the local association.

Caroline has made clear her intention to stand again with or without the whip. When she does, she will have the support of local Tory members.

JM Stokes

West Wellow