AN ALERT has been issued after two "suspicious" women in a van were seen offering sweets to children.

The incident took place on Wednesday October 23 at the Quadrangle, Eastleigh, where a group of children were approached by two women, asking them if they wanted to take some sweets from the back of their van.

Hampshire Police have issued the following statement on the incident: "We are investigating after receiving a report of two women in a van who offered sweets to children in suspicious circumstances in The Quadrangle at 6pm on Wednesday 23 October.

"The children were aged seven and 11-years-old and declined the sweets and reported the incident to their mother."

They added: "Officers are making enquiries to identify the women in the vehicle and to ascertain the exact circumstances of what happened.

"It’s important parents are alert, but not alarmed, and remind their children about stranger danger. No child was injured and no offences have been disclosed."

After the children refused and walked away, they told their parents who notified the nearby school, Shakespeare Junior School on St Catherine's Road.

The school has issued letters to parents, warning them about the incident and asking them to make sure their children know exactly what to do if they're approached by a stranger.

Steve Cox, headteacher of Shakespeare Junior said: "Please be vigilant. We regularly talk to the children about their safety and what they should do in circumstances like this, and we will continue to do so."

Jane Skinner, headteacher of Shakespeare Infant School also issued a letter to parents, advising strongly that young children should be supervised at all times when playing outside and that all suspicious activity should be reported to the police.