HUNDREDS of residents are being reunited after a Facebook group for past residents of Eastleigh's historical 'bird aviary estate' was set up in the hopes to arrange a reunion.

The group now has over 350 members, filled with generations of people who have lived in the Bird Aviary estate, and an event has been scheduled for November 29th for members to reconnect with one another, all while raising money for charity.

The ticketed event will take place at the Locomotive Engineers Club in Eastleigh, where all proceeds from tickets as well as donations from members will go to the Countess Mountbatten Hospice, who specialise in end of life care.

Chris Dawkins, who helped set up the event, said: " I've lost my niece and brother to cancer and it has impacted a lot of the group over the years, so it will be good to use this meet up to help a good cause that helps people who suffer with illnesses like this."

She added: "We wanted to do the meet up because Estate's aren't like what they used to be - we knew exactly who our neighbours were back then, and everyone had fun together.

"We wanted to re-create that."

Currently 100 people will be attending the event, ranging from people who lived on the estate in the 1950's, to people who still live there today.

Tony Darren Darling, who created the group, grew up on the Eastleigh estate in the 1980's, and after his mother sadly passed away -who still lived on the estate- it had him reminiscing on his time living in Bird Aviary.

He said: "People interacted more back then, and the streets were so much safer.

"It got me thinking about the people on the Aviary, and it just snowballed from there."

If you have ever lived on this Eastleigh estate, join 'The Bird Aviary Eastleigh' group on Facebook for more details.