I would appreciate people’s perspective on full-body armoured suits with body cameras – minus the riot shields – for parking patrols in quiet well-established community areas.

I personally had an issue today with these I assume they are privately contracted 'thought police'.

It was pouring with rain and as usual was supporting my local shops.

When I approached my vehicle – parked no longer than 20 mins in a one hour zone – these 'thought police' were filming every vehicle parked along the street.

I asked what the first one why he was doing what he was doing. He said 'it’s ok, you have one hour to park'.

The second one doing the same!

I asked him why they were going around in pairs with armoured protection, was it for their personal protection.

Did they feel unsafe amongst the local community who were supporting their local shops?

I will not relay the rest of the conversation although I did refrain from swearing.

I would really appreciate the views of the local community about these intrusions that affect them.

Ann MacGillivray