AN ECO business has begun expanding their store to Romsey Town Centre and the surrounding villages.

Lemon and Jinja is a zero waste, environmentally friendly store , in which they sell organic and plastic free products.

They offer liquid refills and replacements for items such as shampoo, soap and washing up liquid.

Now, the independent company aims to have refill stations and products in villages surrounding Romsey, as well as Romsey Town Centre itself due to their location being "out of the way".

Jesse Dugdale, owner of Lemon and Jinja, said: "We are starting out with cleaning products, shampoo and conditioner.

"We will do stalls or shelves at shops with our products and liquid refills to cut out plastic.

"Our first refill station is Tatchbury Farm in Southampton which was opened last week."

The 25-year-old from Braishfield added: "It seemed pointless that people are cutting down plastic but have to drive out of the way to get our products.

"This is why we want to make refill points around Romsey."

Tatchbury now has a Lemon and Jinja 'hut' which offers bio liquid, soap, shampoo as well as granola, oats and more food which people can fill their reusable containers with.

Sarah Hunt, who runs Tatchbury Farm with her husband, said: "We have had the farm for a long time and we have been trying to reduce plastic since we watched Blue Planet.

"My friend told me about Lemon and Jinja and I loved the idea.

"I gave Jesse a call and we steamed ahead - they were so supportive and helped me set up the container.

"It was set up last week and this week we have had people coming in filling their containers."

Mark Edgerley, Romsey Town Centre manager, said: "We have just started working to offer some exposure to a wider audience in Romsey Town Centre, unfortunately there are currently no vacant retail units.

"We can discuss a market stall or some sort of pop-up event with aim of bringing her zero waste ethos to more residents of Romsey."

Lemon and Jinja was created by two sisters, Grace and Jesse as their families have always been mindful of the environment.

They visited Uganda in 2009, where the town was called 'Jinja'.

Since then, they have always pushed to make a difference in their hometown, Romsey.

Lemon and Jinja is located at Unit 20 Basepoint, Premier Way, Abbey Park Industrial Estate and their refill station is at Tatchbury Farm, Tatchbury Lane, Winsor.