IT IS the night of ghost, ghouls and gratuitous amounts of sweet treats.

But which neighbourhood is the most generous when it comes to trick-or-treaters?

Fear you should not, because the Daily Echo has the answer!

Data provided by social network site Nextdoor has revealed Southampton's most generous estate for those trick-or-treating on Halloween.

According to the data, Southampton's most generous estate is Bitterne Park, followed in a close second by The Flowers Estate.

And finishing with a Spooktacular bronze is West End -Chartwell Green.

According to the map, some of the least generous areas are Redbridge, Chapel and Northam and Sholing.

The figures come after Hampshire Constabulary announced its 2019 Halloween safety campaign.

The force urges people to stay safe and respectful while trick-or-treating.

Hampshire Police advise the following...

If you have young children:

• Never let them go trick or treating on their own.

• Make sure you accompany them and only visit

people you know

If you have teenagers:

• Make sure they don’t have access to fireworks,

alcohol, eggs or flour.

• Explain why they must not play tricks on strangers.

• Tell them that if nobody answers the door, or a

‘No trick or treat’ sign is on display, they must

leave immediately.

• Remind them to stay with their friends and make

sure they know that they should never enter the

home of a stranger.