I LEFT the Saints game after 18 minutes. 0-3 and 10 men.

I have stuck it out over these last four years, despite the abysmal home form, but tonight’s performance ( if that word is merited) was the worst game I have ever seen at either the Dell or St Marys in nearly 60 years.

Seriously I want my money back.

Enough is enough.

If there was a shred of decency at the club they would not wait to be asked. Just do it and do it quickly.

After the sending off Hasenhuttl made a complete dogs breakfast of the changes.

His tactics are bizarre.

But the players - they capitulated and need to forego their wages.

What was wrong?

Where to start!

Goalkeeper has no idea when to come out or not.

Gunn is a liability.

Defence? That’s a laugh.

I feel like introducing them to each other.

I also feel like telling them they can tackle the opposition when they have the ball.

They just stand, watch and let them ‘waltz‘ through.

Appropriate for an Austrian manager probably.

What’s more do they know how to make a simple pass? No. Valery is a league one player. Vestergaard is pedestrian. Poor Bednarek must despair.

Midfield? Non existent.

Can’t pass, can’t tackle. Højbjerg was strolling around aimlessly as if lost.

Redmond can’t pass. I feel sorry for Ings he can’t do it alone.

So there we have it. Utterly shocking.

We supporters go in hope and just consistently see the most embarrassing rubbish the club have ever dished up.

It’s now 60 minutes in.

I’m home, it’s 7-0 now and only going to get worse I fear.

I am a supporter not a masochist.

This is beyond a joke. The team are a joke.

Turn in your grave Ted Bates.

Bob Barton