I am a 80 year old resident of Southampton and like many folk of my age have seen a vast decline in services run by Southampton City Council.

I recently visited the city centre and have alighted my bus in Castle Way, I made my way via the city Shopmobility car park, towards the Bargate.

Please may I, appeal to Councillor Rayment and the three Bargate ward councillors to look a the very unacceptable state of Shopmobility car park.

I noticed five very large pot holes and a lot of damage caused by heavy vehicles using it as a turning area.

This particular car park is used by wheelchair users and is an accident waiting to occur.

I called into City Shopmobility office and the staff said “they have reported several times to the council and nothing has been done about making the car park safe for it’s users and pedestrians who walk through the car park towards the Bargate / West Quay areas”.

I tried several times to report theses defects to the city councils highways / parking services to no avail, because I could not speak to a person over the telephone.

Please may I, suggest that some of the revenue generated from parking fines be used to make this area safe for all users.

A very unhappy older resident.

Name and address with held.