OBJECTIONS to controversial plans for a landmark 25-storey tower block in Southampton have almost doubled in three months.

Proposals for 223 new flats in Ocean Way, Ocean Village have sparked a total of 187 objections with some residents fearing the area would become a “concrete jungle”.

But MDL Developments Ltd, which has put the plans forward, said the concerns can be addressed.

According to the proposals a 25-storey core building and two lower levels either side, one 17-storeys and one 11-storeys could be built at the site.

The developer said the new building will be a positive addition to Ocean Village.

But as reported, by the end of July 96 residents had sent letters to the city council to object to the plans.

Now the total number of objections is 187, with one comment in favour of the scheme.

In her letter local resident Bethany McCluskey said “Ocean Village is already overcrowded, we do not need any more addition to this".

Resident Jonathan Campkin added: “The essence of Ocean Village is a tranquil, calm area and to have yet another eyesore which does not fit in with the landscape would be a disgrace. How can you possibly continue knocking down the only open spaces for nature in this area? Soon it will be an artificial concrete jungle. “

Residents said to be concerned over the impact the development would have on traffic, parking, green spaces and the character of the area.

Darren Paffey, councillor for Bargate ward, in a “neutral” comment, said: “This planning application should be referred to the panel, given the considerable number of submissions. I strongly believe that a comprehensive strategic plan for the future vision of Ocean Village needs to be in place before further developments such as this one."

A total of 14 parking spaces is also set to be provided on site but residents of the new tower block will also be able to use the nearby multi-storey car park.

Kristi Roger, development director at MDL Developments Ltd, said the company is working with the city council.

She added: "MDL will be reviewing all comments on our planning application in due course. MDL believes that all consultees concerns can be addressed, and on balance, we feel that the scale of high quality development proposed within Ocean Village is nothing new, and contributing to the housing need."