A TAXI driver has been left furious after receiving a parking fine for being pulled over for just one minute to help a “frail” woman.

Victor Isaac, who is a private hire driver, pulled over in The Hundred, Romsey for one minute to help the woman get out of the The Phoenix bar and restaurant.

When he returned to his car, a parking ticket was on his windscreen.

The 51-year-old said: “How are we supposed to help the elderly people who rely on us to get them around?

“I pulled up near delivery vans who had been there longer than I had, I went back outside and they had no ticket.

“The wardens know us, they know what we do – I wouldn’t have been parked there.”

He added: “The warden should not have given me a ticket - I thought we had about a 10 minute grace period.

“I have proof of me getting out the car at 12.18pm and the ticket issued for 12.19pm.

“I will now be scared to get out of my car in case I get a ticket.”

Mr Isaac, from Totton, said he was “so mad” for getting the parking ticket.

He told the Daily Echo will be appealing the parking fine, which was handed out on October 29.

A spokesperson for Test Valley Borough Council said: “Parking restrictions are in place for everyone’s safety and to ensure the flow of traffic is not obstructed.

“These parking restrictions along The Hundred are clearly marked and the ticket was issued in line with the council’s enforcement policy.

“The officer could not have known who was being picked up, from where, or how long the vehicle had been left in this area, which should still remain clear at all times.

“Should the driver feel that there were mitigating circumstances then they have the option to appeal the fine, and this is exactly what this process is in place for.”