WE HAVE been told by the Brexiteers that we need to 'take back control'.

As if we had somehow lost it.

As members of the EU, we have been the second strongest economy and the third largest member.

To cut to the chase.

We have a December General Election, where the result will not resolve the situation over Brexit, unless the public do get behind, Revoking Article 50.

Therefore we don't leave on 31st January 2020.

We have seen that many existing MP's won't be standing again.

Then others, who we thought were going, are standing again for example Chris Chope (Christchurch).

Presumably, because the Conservatives are short on candidates.

The likely outcome is that the Liberal Democrats will take many seats off both the Conservatives and

Labour Parties and possibly, one or two from the SNP.

The big question is, how many.

My guess is that the Brexit Party, will not win any seats.

I am hoping Boris Johnson loses his seat and possibly so could Jeremy Corbyn.

Then what?

Let's say either the Conservatives or Labour just manage to win, by a few seats. Would that be a result?

Not really, as the Brexit issue will not have gone away nor would it actually count as a People's Vote.

Until with have another Referendum, my suspicion is that we will keep asking for further extension dates.

Possibly the EU will then say, we have until the end of 2020, when the so called transition date, would have expired.

To break away fully from the EU, will take years and any new trade arrangements to be in place.

Therefore what is the point?

Brixiteer MP's have not got their own way and never will. Most will probably lose theirs seats.

The Conservatives have shot themselves in the foot.

Labour still don't know their own policies.

Lib/Dems have a clear message, that we are better off as full members of the EU. To keep our United Kingdom. Then both sides of Irish border can relax.

I am not a candidate nor serve on any committee. I merely write my letters to the editor, as an individual who believes that of all the political parties, the Liberal Democrats are the closest to my way of thinking.

Lend them your vote, even if that is only for a few years to be in power.

Like me, just see if they are any good.

If they are, then great. If not, well you can think again next time around.

There are always local elections of some kind being held and by-Elections. Possibly, even Euro elections!

I am an OAP and have been an employee, a manager, self-employed and therefore employer. I also have been a single parent, live-in carer and companion.

It has not been much fun. That is why I want us all, to have a better future.

Working together with our neighbours.

Richard Grant