JOIN the Daily Echo on another glimpse back through years - this week to November 1959.

A star shone bright over Southampton water as Hollywood legend Sir Alec Guinness arrived in Southampton onboard Queen Elizabeth.

Disaster struck at the National Provincial Bank in London Road when one of their walls collapsed. Repairs were made to the building now used by home entertainment retailer Richer Sounds.

While the events in these pictures were coming about this is what was occurring nationally:

November 11

London Transport introduced the AEC Routemaster double-decker bus into public service. Although production ceased in 1968, the pioneering vehicles were not withdrawn from service until 2005.

November 17

Prestwick and Renfrew Airports became the first in the UK to include duty-free shops.

November 20

Britain becomes a founding member of the European Free Trade Association. They left in 1973 to become a member of the European Economic Community.