SOUTHAMPTON police are on the hunt for a masked flasher following a spate of indecent exposure incidents in the city.

Officers say they have received a "number of reports" of a man with a covered face indecently exposing himself before running off.

Now police are urging residents to report any similar incidents to their emergency 999 number.

Police say the previous incidents have taken place in the Woolston and Weston areas.

Each time a man, aged between 18 and 40-years old, described as white with a slim to medium build, and dressed in dark clothing with his face covered, has been reported as indecently exposing himself before running off.

In September and October, a man was reported as exposing himself on Archery Road, in West Wood, in Swift Road, College Road and in Tickleford Drive.

More recently on November 4, an incident whereby a man exposed himself to a woman on Swift Road between 8pm and 9pm was reported to us.

The incidents have generally happened between 5pm and 9.30pm and have been in the eastern part of Southampton.

Chief Inspector Phil Lamb said: “If you see a man acting suspiciously in this area with his face covered, or witness any further exposure incidents of this kind, please call us on 999 immediately.

“When we receive an emergency call about this we will make our best efforts to deploy officers and carry out a thorough search of the area.

“We understand the effect that this kind of incident can have on people, and that some people may delay reporting an incident to us for a number of reasons.

“Following each report we have received, we have organised targeted patrols in the area and scoped CCTV opportunities to identify the person responsible.

"We have also conducted house to house enquiries.

“We have really appreciated those people coming forward to tell us what happened so that we were able to follow up the reports and target our patrols, however a call at the time the offence happens will help us even more.

“Now we would like to ask anyone who witnesses a man indecently exposing himself at these locations or in the surrounding areas to call 999.”

Anyone with information about previous incidents should call 101.

Alternatively call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 and leave information anonymously.