A POPULAR play park in Bishopstoke has been graffitied by vandals.

The popular children's play park on Sayers Road, Bishopstoke was found last week covered in spray paint in a graffiti attack.

Despite no actual damage being done to the park, the equipment and the floor have both been tarnished in the incident.

The Chair for Bishopstoke Parish Council, Sue Toher said: "Graffiti was sprayed in the Sayers Road play park on or about Sunday October 27. Obviously we are disappointed that this has happened, as are the parents and children who use this very popular play area, but we are determined that the mindless actions of a few will not spoil the fun for the many children who enjoy this particular park. The Parish Council always endeavours to remove graffiti as soon as possible."

She added: "While the graffiti has been partially removed, some of the graffiti is on surfaces that need more specialised cleaning and we are waiting for Eastleigh Borough Council's Direct Services to assist us. As part of the Parish Council's budget exercise for next year we will be looking at whether cctv should be employed in play areas."

A Bishopstoke mum on facebook said: "I’ve stopped taking my girls there because every time I walk past, it’s full of teenagers!"

While another facebook user added: "Such a beautiful facility ruined by utter scum bags! Kids will be kids but something's drastically wrong with discipline and respect."