THE wife of a man who took his own life by jumping from a Southampton car park has encouraged others to speak about their mental health.

David Robinson had been suffering with depression for about 15 years and was diagnosed with anxiety.

Despite undergoing counselling in 2010, Mr Robinson was only able to access 20 sessions with a counsellor through the NHS and felt like he was not able to open up to anyone else.

On June 5, Mr Robinson travelled to the Marlands multi-storey car park and jumped from the third storey. Despite efforts to save him he was pronounced dead at Southampton General Hospital later that morning.

In tribute, Mrs Robinson said: “He was a very lovely man. He loved his children very much; it was just the depression that took over.”

And she is now hoping that more men will open up about their mental health issues to family, friends and professionals.

“I had two of his friends who came up to me at the funeral and said ‘I am struggling, I am going to the doctors’, and they have.”

An inquest into his death at Winchester Coroner’s Court heard that over the last two years several difficulties had occurred in the 57-year-old’s life.

Mr Robinson was made redundant from his job of many years, suffered a foot injury which meant he was not able to work and he had also sent a letter to his half brother after trying to track down his father, but he got no reply.

His wife of 34 years, Alison, said that her husband had also lost both his parents.

In a statement police officer Abbie Biddulph said that Mrs Robinson had told her husband that the relationship was over, but this was denied.

Mrs Robinson said that there was no indication that her husband was thinking about taking his own life.

Coroner Samantha Marsh concluded that Mr Robinson’s death was a suicide, adding: “There was clearly an argument or discussion between you. The overall message was that the marriage wasn’t working as it was at the moment."