RESIDENTS of a Hampshire town have vented their fury as yet another lorry crash caused chaos and disruption.

According to Romsey locals, dozens of lorries have become stuck under the bridge in Greatbridge Road over the past 10 years.

Following the most recent incident which took place yesterday a Seafast lorry transporting a shipping container became wedged and tipped over onto its side.

A notorious hotspot for crashes, resident John Funnel has warned that somebody is going to be killed one day and that children who walk along the path to school are at risk.

According to John, the lorry drivers should be prosecuted and they and should be held accountable.

Matt Smith, who works on Greatbridge Road said: “It is a joke, it seems to be every six months. "There are no excuses, and it disturbs all the trains – they now need someone to test the line.”

Another resident who wished to remain unnamed added: "I am sure it happens a few times a year. "I do not think the signs and flashing lights do anything. "Something needs to be done.”

Greatbridge Road was cordoned off in both and the town was brought to a standstill once again when the lorry struck the bridge at around 12.45pm.

Motorists were left queueing while workers from RD Avery recovered the vehicle with the road finally cleared at around 4pm.

According to South Western Rail services were running as normal however one train was delayed for six-minutes while National Rail inspected the bridge.

The crash is the latest in a longstanding saga of lorries ploughing into the railway bridge.

One local worker said: "I felt a big shake when it crashed into the bridge. 

"I said to my boss "not another one", I rushed outside to see what was going on.

"The container was leaning into people's gardens.

"There are warning signs but drivers still take the chance. "I can recall about eight or nine times this has happened."

A police spokesperson said: "We were called at 12.43pm. "A lorry is on its side after striking a railway bridge. "Network Rail and BTP have been informed. There were no injuries."

The Daily Echo is awaiting comment from National Rail and has contacted Seafast, which has declined to comment.