TODAY I attended Ed’s Diner Southampton, which is within the Westquay building prior to a train journey.

The centre clearly announced the 2 minute silence. We stopped our conversation and showed our respect. However to our amazement the music was still blaring and staff taking loudly at each other within Ed’s diner.

A waitress came over and asked if we were ok. I explained we were showing our respect in the two minute silence.

The waitress to my horror said “what silence”, walked away and rolled her eyes.

I asked to speak to the manager and his attitude was also abysmal.

He explained he forgot and didn't hear the announcement.

He also said he was a “ex squaddie”. My question then is why were none of the staff wearing poppies or stopped for two minutes!

He then explained he was shorted staff. Basically excuses.

Appalling behaviour that I believe it is in the public interest for the community of Southampton to be aware of.

Ian Roberts