CONCERNS have been raised about the financial strains of a large housing development on a parish council.

Cllr Hugh Lumby raised the issue of the new North Whiteley development which will impact on Curdridge Parish Council.

He was concerned of the financial impact of a small council having to bear the burden imposed by the hundreds of new homes.

Cllr Lumby asked a question at full Council to Cllr Jackie Porter, Cabinet member for built environment and wellbeing.

Cllr Porter said she sympathised because something similar was happening at Barton Farm and its impact on nearby Headbourne Worthy Parish Council.

"It is something we may have to look at. In my ward Headbourne Worthy Parish Council is being overtaken by a larger group of housing and they have to think of how they are going to fund things when the council tax is not coming in."

Cllr Lumby asked whether parish boundaries would be changed so North Whiteley goes to the larger Whiteley Parish Council or is a new parish.