Victor Isaac's parking ticket as reported last week was a mean spirited act but is symptomatic of a much deeper insidious change that come over the culture and ethos of our council, here supposedly to serve us and facilitate equitable living.

My experience and those of many of my friends who have businesses in this area have noticed a change over the past five years where common sense and a pragmatic approach has been replaced by the authority of law and heavy handedness.

What this leads to is conflict, a withdrawal of compromise and goodwill.

I don't believe this is what the council is seeking but it is a dangerous route.

The culture and ethos of the council is set by the councillors and down the ranks.

I would urgently suggest that our councillors debate and reflect upon the culture that they are knowingly or unknowingly accepting.

If they are happy with the current status quo then they can expect more conflict and less cooperation from residents and businesses which will be a costly error.

Roger Savage.

Choice Plants. Timsbury