IT IS the crash which has happened in the same spot more than 20 times in just 15 years.

Residents of Romsey have vented their fury as yet another lorry crash caused disruption when it struck a railway bridge in Greatbridge Road, Romsey.

The lorry hit the bridge on Monday at 12:40pm, and was not cleared until approximately 4pm.

Daily Echo:

Lorries strike the bridge almost once a year, if not more, despite measures to try and divert large vehicles to avoid the 4.3m height restriction.

Three flashing signs warning drivers to turn back are on Duttons Road, Greatbridge Road and Fishlake Meadows.

One concerned resident, John Funnell, who lives nearby said somebody is going to get killed one day.

Now, residents and councillors are discussing what needs to be done to stop this from happening.

Daily Echo:

Councillor Mark Cooper, who represents the Tadburn ward on the borough council, said chains should be installed to warn drivers to stop before hitting the bridge.

He said: "My personal preference would be an overhead structure is created so vertical chains can hit the top of the lorry to warn them.

"I have asked the council to do that and I know they do it in other places in the country.

"But it would be expensive.

"There are adequate warning signs, but adequate is not significant enough because it keeps happening."

Daily Echo:

A Romsey resident, David Sutton of the Rotary Club of Romsey Test agrees with Cllr Cooper.

He said: "There are lots of warning signs and drivers seem to be missing them or ignoring them.

"My suggestion is chains or something across the road so they would strike against the lorry enough to get the driver's attention.

"It would have to be before the opportunity to turn around and miss the bridge."

In 2018 residents were demanding action after a skip lorry owned by Ace Liftaway hit the bridge in Greatbridge Road.

Daily Echo:

A lorry crashed and become stuck under the bridge in 2016 too, causing traffic chaos.

As previously reported, in 2014 a Waltet waste truck hit the bridge and toppled over, dumping some of its contents.

It came just a year after a Daf truck collided with the structure in July 2013 and roads were closed for several hours until it was moved.

A year earlier a Raymond Brown waste truck became stuck under the bridge blocking the road for three hours.

Daily Echo:

A Network Rail spokesperson said: “Bridge strikes are completely avoidable, and they cause disruption to rail passengers and road users.

"We estimate that strikes cost around £23million annually and we can't stress enough how important it is that drivers know the height and width of their vehicle and pay close attention to warning signs.

“Last year, we launched a campaign aimed at drivers of high-sided vehicles urging them to "wise up and size up" their vehicle and plan their route before they head out on their journey.”

Police have confirmed the driver was not arrested.