TWO members of an organised gang who attempted to smuggle drugs, SIM cards and a mobile phone into Winchester prison using drones have been jailed.

The gang tried to transport cannabis and spice worth more than £8,000 into the city jail, but they were spotted by prison staff.

Winchester Crown Court heard that one of the drones which had bags filled with contraband attached to it landed on B Wing, while another was being used to track the movement as the first disappeared out of sight.

On Friday, two men were jailed for their part in the conspiracy following a trial in October this year.

The incident took place overnight on July 13, 2017.

Paul Hogan, 29, of Hawthorn Road, Bournemouth, was found guilty of attempting to bring the class B drugs and mobile phone into the prison.

Daniel Tinson, 26, care of HMP Rochester, pleaded guilty to the offences at Basingstoke Magistrates’ Court.

Both were sentenced to two years imprisonment by Judge Keith Cutler, who said that the drugs had a “corrosive and corruptive affect”.

In sentencing, he said: “This was a very organised operation. Two drones were in fact used and the evidence showed in the trial one of them flying the items into the prison and another to film or photograph what was going on.

In mitigation for Tinson, Lisa Stewart said that at the time of the offence he was living a “chaotic lifestyle” and was splitting with the mother of his child, but he has genuine remorse for his actions.

Currently serving a six and half year sentence for supplying class A drugs, Ms Stewart said that it was having “an untold effect”.

“The determination he has got to be rehabilitated comes from the effect of this lengthy sentence.

“He has resolute to take this as his last time in custody, to make something of himself when he is released.”

Representing Hogan, Mark Ashley said his clients regrets having a trial and is “depressed thinking about what he is going to lose”.

Judge Cutler was told that both offenders had difficult childhoods, going into care, and Mr Ashley said that Hogan now “understands the value of family and the support they can give” having met a new partner.