A HAMPSHIRE primary school has been awarded a flagship status for a learning programme.

Romsey Abbey C of E Primary School, Church Lane, were awarded the title for the Jigsaw Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) programme.

The PSHE programme involves teaching children how to stay healthy, safe as well as prepare them for life and work.

One of the issues children will learn about during the programme is “substance abuse” from drugs, according to a spokesperson from the school.

Headteacher of Romsey Abbey C of E Primary School, Julie-Ann Palfrey, said: “I am delighted the school had become a flagship for the Jigsaw PSHE programme.

“We have been using this programme for two years now and it is firmly embedded both within the curriculum and ethos of the school; we are committed to extending this work even further so we decided to apply for the flagship status and I am pleased to report that we have been given this. It has been awarded in recognition of the work we are doing and the plan we have written to take this work forward.”

She added: “Each topic in this programme comes in the form of a puzzle and each year has an associated colourful jigsaw piece which the pupils all love and can identify with. To mark our flagship status, the school has received a larger than life Jigsaw Jello which the children were keen to get to know.”

Mark Harris, who is involved in PSHE, said: “Our curriculum is carefully designed so that the whole school studies the same PSHE theme each half-term, so this means that we are able to build the theme into our daily collective worship.

“It also means we can link our PSHE learning across the school to our Habits of Mind, our learning attitudes for all subjects.

“Our theme this half term is exploring the theme of celebrating difference which links to our focus - habit of mind, empathy.”

One pupil said: “The jigsaw piece in our classroom help us to remember the important things – I really liked the topic on dreams and goals.”