THREE fly-tips took place over two days - one dumped just 200 metres from the tip.

The dumped waste, described as "disgusting" were in Misslebrook Lane, North Baddesley and Coldharbour Lane, Lee.

The third fly tip, was in Bunny Lane, Romsey which was just metres from a waste disposal unit, Casbrook HWRC.

Councillor Nick Adams-King has described the dumping as "absolutely disgusting".

He said: "These fly tips over the weekend are absolutely disgusting.

"We, Test Valley Borough Council, will forensically examine the rubbish and if we find any evidence of the selfish, thoughtless, ignorant people who dumped the rubbish we will prosecute.

"It is despicable."

Daily Echo:

The council offer a fine of around £500 for fly-tipping to act as a deterrent.

Cllr Adams-King has previously said the council have managed to prosecute a fly-tipper every couple of weeks and have been able to name and shame culprits.

A Test Valley Borough Council spokesperson said: "The council is extremely clear that we simply do not tolerate this kind of selfish, disgusting and disrespectful crime.

"Investigations are underway on all three cases that appeared over the weekend and these will also be cleared over the next 24 hours.

"Unfortunately, the fly-tip on Misslebrook Lane is so large that it requires specialist equipment to dispose of the waste properly.

"Every fly-tip reported to us is investigated to the fullest extent with a view to prosecuting and we would encourage anyone who has information on any of these incidents to please get in touch.

"Our environmental service team is always available to speak to anyone in the strictest of confidence on either 01794 527700 or 01264 368000."

Daily Echo:

In a statement, local councillors Celia and Alan Dowden said: "People need to be more pro active to report fly tipping - a new app called ClearWaste is available for people to report when they see it from their phones.

"It gets taken away straight away.

"It is not particularly easy to report a fly tip through our website, this app makes it easier."

Cllr Alan Dowden added: "It is quite obvious fly tipping is going to get worse."