Recent months have seen fires, floods and typhoons around the world.

Here in Southampton roads have been flowing with water and we can look forward to this happening ever more frequently as our weather becomes increasingly unpredictable.

Most experts agree that the cause of the climate instability we are currently experiencing is global warming.

We must do all we can to limit devastating climate change: drive less (better still, give up your car), consume less meat and dairy produce, buy more local goods, insulate our homes and so on.

And, most importantly, join the growing number of people saying no to expansion of Southampton airport, no to more flights and increased climate emissions and no to the loss of many beautiful and life-enhancing trees at Marlhill Copse.

Almost 2,000 Southampton residents have signed a petition opposing expansion of the airport, enough to require the council to have a debate about it.

This will take place at 2pm on Wednesday, November 20 in the council chamber.

If you care about the future of the planet, come along to the debate and support FoE, AXO, XR and those speaking on behalf of Marlhill Copse.

It would be great to have the public gallery full to demonstrate to councillors the strength of opposition to proposals which will increase carbon emissions, damage our environment and blight the lives of the many residents living under the flight path.

Lindsi Bluemel

Bitterne Park