MASKED men staged a break-in at a Southampton beauty salon.

An investigation has been launched, after 'Thomas Austin Hairdressing' in Southampton was broken into by four thieves who reportedly used a crowbar to force entry into the front of the property.

The four hooded men broke into the building, located at 443 Bitterne Rd, Southampton, and stole "multiple items of value", including a new laptop and a variety of hairdressing equipment, before leaving through the entry point.

Co-owner of the business, Adriana Seagraves is outraged by the break-in that caused a "massive inconvenience".

The 43-year-old said: "We were all very shook up and worried when we came to open up this morning. It's a disgrace, only a month ago we invested in a brand new, expensive door, and it's been ruined. They took so many valuable items including a new laptop and some of our staff member's hairdressing equipment."

She added: "Despite the shock, I wasn't going to let it effect business, so we remained open as usual and the clients were very understanding. We had a choice to make, close for the day and lose even out on even more money, or try to carry on."

The incident occurred some time between 7pm on Monday November 18, and 8:30am on Tuesday November 19, and the act was caught on camera by the salon's CCTV.

The footage shows the four thieves begin to rummage around the salon, before one of them spots the camera and knocks it to the ground, where it continues to record their feet while they burgled the property.

A Hampshire Police Spokesperson said: " Four people broke in through the front door and stole cash tins and other sales and hairdressing items. Anyone with information is asked to contact us on the 101 service, quoting the reference number 44190415348."

Alternatively, to report any information or suspicious activity anonymously, contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.