FURIOUS residents have hit out after a number of vehicles were targeted in a one-night spate of vandalism in Southampton.

Residents in Millbrook and Redbridge were left angered after windows were smashed on ten vehicles across the two areas over the weekend.

Now residents in the area have branded the spate of vandalism as "disgusting".

One resident of Crabwood Road, Millbrook, near to where vehicles were vandalised, said: "It's absolutely disgusting.

"People like myself have worked so hard to own cars and bikes. It shouldn't be happening."

Another said: "Police can't do anything.

"Fines are too lenient for vandals and fly tippers."

The comments come as police received reports of a number of incidents of vandalism in both Millbrook and Redbridge overnight on Saturday.

Police say driver's side windows and back windows were smashed on ten vehicles.

The incidents happened in Irving Road and Timsbury Drive to Derwent.

Vehicles were also targeted in Mansel Road East in Millbrook.

The incidents were initially reported on Twitter by Shirley Police.

In their tweet, they said: "An unhappy tweet for the Millbrook and Redbridge area.

"On Saturday night, ten vehicles were reported damaged.Front drivers windows smashed from Irving Road and Timsbury Drive to Derwent and Mansel Road East."

Police also urged anyone with information or anyone who have experienced similar vandalism to report it to their 101 number.

This isn't the first time that the area has had problems with vandalism.

One Millbrook resident recalled a recent incident and said: "A Ford Transit van was parked on the junction between Crabwood Road and Windermere Avenue and had it's driver side window smashed in."

He went on to say that "Millbrook has a terrible reputation" and these people have "no right to vandalise things."