The proposed development plans in Eastleigh will have a devastating impact on St Francis Animal Welfare as it is proposed to build houses etc, very close to our boundary.

There will be nowhere to walk our dogs and there will no doubt be complaints from residents, in the future, about the noise made by our animals.

We have already moved from Horton Heath to our current site in Mortimers Lane, around 20 years, ago due to development -supposedly a green and safe site.

My father was a founder member and therefore I have a particular wish to see it continue and develop.

The best answer of course is for the planning not to go ahead, but if it does ,we need green spaces and woodland around us to walk the dogs and to lessen the inpact of the noise on the people living nearby. This will also help to lessen any stress to out residents who may be upset by a busy environment around them.

Please help us ensure the future of St Francis Animal Welfare by signing our facebook petition ‘Save St Francis Animal Welfare’. We need to get the best outcome possible.

Mary Windebank