SOUTHAMPTON taxi drivers are calling for a review of Uber in the city after the company's application was refused in London.

Uber’s application for a new London operating licence has been refused after at least 14,000 trips were made with drivers who were not the ones shown on the app.

Transport for London (TfL) announced it has not granted the ride-hailing firm a new private hire operator’s licence due to “several breaches that placed passengers and their safety at risk”.

TfL found that a change to Uber’s systems allowed unauthorised people to upload their photographs to legitimate driver accounts, enabling them to pick up passengers.

This resulted in 43 drivers making at least 14,000 uninsured trips which put “safety and security at risk”, the transport body warned.

Now Southampton taxi drivers are calling on the council to review Uber's licence in the city.

Southampton Hackney and Private Hire Association and Unite the Union have asked Southampton City Council (SCC) to take a look at Uber in Southampton and to not issue any more licences.

Ian Hall from Southampton Hackney and Private Hire Association said: "This review would be long over due.

"There are lots of concerns in Southampton, the council needs to review it and we would like to see no more licences issued.

"If the Capital of this country can get rid of Uber, I think we should have some concerns too."

Perry McMillan from Unite the Union cab section added: "Surely as a customer you'd have some concerns about what they have discovered in London.

"If the Capital don't deem them as good and proper, why should they be allowed to operate here?"

Unite the Union are calling on all councils across the south coast to review Uber's licences including Portsmouth and Bournemouth.

A council spokesperson said: "SCC note the decision by Transport for London to refuse to renew the Operator Licence for Uber in London and the reasons given. This is a decision Transport for London has reached based on the evidence it has of how Uber operate in London.

"We accept there are similarities on the operating model, but it must be acknowledged that in London Uber operates under different legislation and conditions to Southampton.

"We will continue to monitor all of the operators in the city, and take action where appropriate.

"As the legal argument unfolds in London we will continue to assess whether any matter raised materially affects the position in Southampton."

An Uber spokeswoman said: "We work closely with licensing authorities across the country and want to reassure all councils that we have robust processes in place. 

"TfL’s decision not to renew Uber’s licence in London is extraordinary and wrong, and we will appeal. 

"We have fundamentally changed our business over the last two years and are setting the standard on safety across the UK ."