LAST week we learned that a future Labour government would borrow many hundreds of billions of pounds financed by huge tax increases.

Included in their plans would be the re - nationalisation of BT Openreach and free broadband for every household.

They also plan to re - nationalise the water companies.

So why not free water for every household instead, it would cost about the same and is rather more essential than the luxury of free broadband?

Then locally we had the beaming Labour Councillor Rayment on the local news explaining her new Green Walls on the Redbridge flyover.

Essentially stacked plant troughs which will give the illusion that vegetation is growing out of the columns supporting the road above.

The councillor said these have been funded out of efficiency savings.

She also said they will absorb carbon dioxide, yes but planting trees is a far more efficient and cheaper method of doing that.

So rather than spending this spare cash on fixing the city’s crumbling roads she spent it on a gigantic arrangement of potted plants.

All of which goes to show you cannot trust any member of the Labour Party at whatever level of government to spend our taxes wisely.

Ian Davies