AN EX teacher based in Chandler's Ford is offering free parent maths workshops to help tackle the "mental block" many kids have with the subject.

Caroline Cutress is the founder of Boost Maths Tuition, who have been helping hundreds of children and parents make the subject more engaging for more than 12 years.

Now the company is looking to expand further into Hampshire, and is offering free parent maths workshops to schools in the county, which aims to give parents some encouragement and inspiration in providing fun ways to help children with Maths at home without the children noticing.

Caroline said: "Most parents don’t know where to start with their child’s Maths, but I’m here to show them that they can sneak so much Maths in, without their child even noticing. Even if a parent knows the whole Maths curriculum, children rarely accept formal help from a parent, but there are dozens of ways to help without the child even realising they are doing Maths! I am really keen to spread the Maths-joy in homes around Hampshire whilst helping local schools in the process."

The free workshops will include methods of how to deal with maths anxiety, dozens of examples of fun and practical activities that parents can do with their children without them even noticing, and tips on how to deal with stressful maths homework situations.

Schools can apply for a visit or find out more by visiting