EASTLEIGH residents could have access to a new health centre if plans to transform a former restaurant are approved.

What was once a Chinese restaurant could be become a multi-purpose facility featuring a children's health centre and a sexual health clinic.

It would be located in the Swan Centre Leisure Extension in the former premises of the 'Kung Fu' buffet which has been empty since last April.

Daily Echo:

There would be two separate entrances to the centre, with the children's health area featuring four counselling rooms, a group room, toilets, reception and waiting area

The sexual health clinic would also feature four consulting rooms, an interview room and a laboratory.

It would have shared back-of-house functions such as staff changing rooms, storage, a disposal hold, IT hub and housekeeping.

Daily Echo:

The application was submitted by the Solent NHS Trust which provides of community services to people living in Southampton, Portsmouth and other parts of Hampshire.

According to the NHS locals would benefit from improved availability of services due to their central location in the Swan Centre.

Similarly, the modern premises will improve the service offering and quality.

The NHS adds that Eastleigh Health Centre in Newtown Road is not child friendly and its resources are limited.

Furthermore, there is no suitable facility to deliver group work for children and limited parking.

It is hoped the new centre would be able to provide unplanned pregnancy services to meet demand in the area.

Daily Echo:

At present residents reportedly have to travel to either Andover or Basingstoke as their closest available clinics.

According to the applicants the proposals will develop Eastleigh town centre as the “main focus for shopping, leisure and cultural facilities in the borough”, and contribute to its ongoing vitality and viability.

The NHS claims the centre would bring a vacant unit into use providing essential clinical services in a location accessible to the community at large.

As previously reported, Mitchell House had been earmarked as a new “health hub” but is now being converted into new homes.

The former office block which has stood empty for years is now being transformed into 67 “luxury” flats.

It was proposed the site would accommodate existing Eastleigh GP practices including St Andrews Surgery, Archers Practice and Parkside Practice.