Dear Sir/Madam,

I must take exception to the joyless and puritanical endeavours of some vegans to sabotage the practice of festive feasting.

May I respectfully inform them that there's nothing in the Judeo-Christian scriptures that precludes the consumption of moderate quantities of animal foods on special occasions.

Of course, livestock and poultry should be slaughtered humanely and swiftly; but such considerations did not prevent the children of Israel being enjoined to supplement their sparse diet with 'fat portions' and 'sweet drinks' at times of high revel.

Moreover, the human nature of the Lord Jesus should not be sentimentalised or sanitised, for he was a vigorous predator and carnivore.

The master had no squeamish compunctions about drinking and imbibing with some very 'politically incorrect' types, or about eating lamb with his adherents.

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