THESE pets are currently being homed at Blue Cross Southampton.

Ezri and Leia are four ½ year old chinchillas.

They are a chilled pair of chinchillas looking for a new home in their middle age.

They spend most of their time eating and sleeping but keep themselves occupied when not lounging around by climbing.

They both also really enjoy their sand bath.

They can be a little wary of being handled so are looking for understanding owners who will be happy to let them get to know you in their own time.

With some tasty treats they will soon start building a bond with you.

Ivy is a five-year-old cat.

Ivy is looking for a new home where her owner will give her space to settle in and find her feet.

She is an affectionate cat who loves to be stroked and made a fuss at times but at other times she prefers to be independent and off on an adventure.

She will want access to the outdoors to explore but not in a busy environment with lots of busy roads nearby - she needs a rural setting.

To rehome any of these pets, contact 0300 777 1530 or visit