SOME residents may already know who they will be voting for when they will head to the polls next Thursday, but others may still be indecisive.

Today the Daily Echo looks at the Southampton Test constituency, looking at the issues that residents are concerned about and the parliamentary candidates who will battle it out next week.

Here are the candidates for Southampton Test who are vying for your vote:

lAlan Whitehead, Labour

lSteven Galton, Conservative

lJoe Richards, Liberal Democrat

lKatherine Barbour, Green Party

lPhilip Crook, The Brexit Party

lKev Barry, Independent .

This will be the third general election in four years.

In 2017 the Southampton Test seat was won by Alan Whitehead who was first elected as MP for Southampton Test in 1997. In the last snap election he beat Conservative candidate Paul Holmes by more than 10,000 votes.

Here are the results from 2017:

- Alan Whitehead, Labour 27,509 - Elected

- Paul Holmes, Conservative 16,006

- Thomas Gravatt, Liberal Democrats 1,892

- Keith Morrell, Independant 680

- Andrew Pope, Southampton Independents 816

After weeks of canvassing, door knocking and hundreds of leaflets handed out to residents candidates now have just 10 days before finding out who will be representing Southampton Test in Parliament.

The votes will be counted over night at the civic centre in Southampton with the results expected to be announced in the early hours of December 13.

For many this will be a Brexit election but it is yet unknown how much Brexit will influence residents in Southampton when they will have to cast their vote next Thursday.

As previously reported, the city as a whole voted to leave the European Union but the Southampton Test constituency voted Remain.

Other issues such as the NHS, schools, climate change, adult social care, housing, seem also to be at the forefront of voters’ mind.