CIVIC chiefs have evicted an elderly couple from their home after years of anti-social behaviour.

Paul, 73, and Sheila Heanes, 76, were forced to leave their Meonstoke home of eight years after being taken to court by Winchester City Council.

Now they are living in their car with a pet dog and cockatiel, and say they may even have to spend Christmas parked up in a lay-by.

Sheila said: "I'm not very well with swollen legs, the car is old and the heating doesn't work and we've got no money for a hotel room. The council need to help us, it's disgusting."

One of their former neighbours in Pound Cottages who wishes to remain anonymous said the pair were "up to no good for years".

They told the Daily Echo: "I've lived here for just over two years and they have always been anti-social.

"I've always kept my head down. They're up most nights banging and crashing around, and if they want you to hear something they'll say it loud enough to be heard.

"Now they're gone, it's a big improvement and I sleep undisturbed. It's an unfortunate time of year but they brought it on themselves."

Paul and Sheila deny all of the accusations. They are meeting with the city council today (November 27) in hope they will be given a new place to live.

Paul said: "The council did offer us a flat but said we couldn't take our German Shepherd, Angus. We're not just getting rid of our dog!

"He's not an ordinary dog, he saved us once. We were walking along Southampton Common when a group with knives came up to us and threatened us. He warded them away, that's for sure."

He added: "It's my birthday soon and I might have to spend it here. There might not even be a Christmas this year.

"It was a lovely place to live. It's just a shame the people aren't so nice."

The couple say they do not have any family to help them.

They had a meeting with city council housing officers last Thursday but their pets proved a sticking point.

Winchester city councillor for the Upper Meon Valley Ward, Hugh Lumby, said: “It is terrible at this time of year in appalling weather with Christmas coming. We will do all we can to find somewhere else.

“These are very unfortunate circumstances. It is always sad when people lose their homes. The absolute priority is to get them somewhere else to live so they be undercover and housed before Christmas.”

A council spokesperson said: “The council is actively working with two former tenants to find an alternative home and has already offered a range of options which have to date been declined.

“Following many years of anti-social behaviour, including threats of violence to neighbours that led to police actions, a judge ordered eviction. This came after repeated attempts to provide mediation and to avoid this situation of last resort.”