WOODEN pallets have been dumped in a Test Valley village.

The fly-tippers dumped the rubbish in Roman Road, near Broughton

The wooden pallets were dumped in three areas of the road, which have ruined the view of the countryside in the village, north of Romsey.

Councillor Nick Adams-King has described the culprits as "lazy".

Cllr Adams-King, a planning chief at TVBC, said: "All of the stuff which was dumped could have been avoided.

"There are plenty of people who would have taken wooden pallets for all sorts of different reasons.

"The tip could have disposed of them for free. It is just laziness."

A Test Valley Borough Council spokesperson, said: “Fly-tipping is a crime that impacts the local community, wildlife and the taxpayer.

"It is selfish and extremely lazy and we simply will not tolerate it.

"If you pay someone to dispose of waste on your behalf then please do remember to check that they have the correct documents and licence.

"Our officers have already begun investigating this particular fly-tip and we would ask that anyone who has information that could help us to please get in touch.

"Our officers are available to speak to on 01794 527700 or 01264 368000 in the strictest of confidence."

Last year, fly-tippers hit the exact same road with carpets and wooden blocks.

This comes as three fly-tips took place over two days - one dumped just 200 metres from the tip.

The dumped waste, described as "disgusting" were in Misslebrook Lane, North Baddesley and Coldharbour Lane, Lee.

The third fly tip, was in Bunny Lane, Romsey which was just metres from a waste disposal unit, Casbrook HWRC.