BOXING has ventured back into the curriculum as a Southampton school becomes the one of the first to teach it since 1962.

For more than 50 years, boxing has not been taught in schools - Bitterne Park School have now become the first.

The sport is making a comeback to schools across the country, with the aim to distribute the pads and gloves to all schools.

The class at the Southampton school was taught by Frank Mangna, who is a fitness teacher known as Mr Funkyfit.

The 40-year-old said: “It is really amazing to come in and teach - I did not know it would be so big.

“To be the first to introduce boxing is particularly amazing.”

He introduced Funkyfit Boxing to help combat mental health issues, have fun and keep fit.

He added: “I am trying to introduce this concept into schools as I believe it will help the kids get fit, improve their focus, gain confidence and self respect.

“This project will be fun, safe, effective and reduce mental health issues, crime and violence.”

The kids were able to learn new boxing techniques, hit punching boxes and more.

Frank said it is a massive deal to teach non-contact boxing in schools, with kids hitting the pads and bags instead of each other.

He is going to be teaching PE teachers across the UK to be able to show kids how to use the pads and gloves.

It comes as this weekend millions of people across the country will be tuning into watch British boxing champion Anthony Joshua take on Andy Ruiz Jr on Saturday, December 7.