THE NAMES of those who lost their lives to transgender violence reached almost 400 at an awareness day in Southampton.

Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR) is an annual international event to remember all those around the world who were victims of, and lost their lives to, transphobic violence.

Andi Maratos, CEO of Southampton trans charity, Chrysalis, wrote the 369 names which were read at the candlelit vigil at The Queens Peace Fountain, Southampton last week.

Andi said: "This year I was privileged to stand alongside five others in Southampton at the Peace Fountain as we read out that long list of names.

"Writing out 369 names; the method of their passing and looking at so many photos, selfies and images taken in moments of hope and authenticity.

"It is important to me to give everyone that bit of recognition. It refines why our work is so important.

"TDoR is that change to remember those who pass, to recognise that there were more names this year than last and to remember those we have personally lost.

"For many trans people other trans people and allies become their family, this was that family’s chance to share our grief and respect."

They added: "This year we recognised those close to us who lost their lives too soon through completion of suicide or through health issues that remained undiagnosed due to challenges with their gender identity."

Andi revealed that this year 34% of those who accessed Chrysalis for the first time disclosed they had attempted suicide.

This year there were 369 names, which is higher than the last three years - this year there were still names missing.

Andi added: "My thoughts are still with those of you who organised and conducted vigils across the world."

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