I feel disgusted that anyone thinks it is their right to park outside an emergency vehicle building for whatever reason (echo Sat. 30/11)

They should be given an immediate fine and licence endorsement (presuming they hold a current driving licence in the first place).

This surely is classed as parking in an unauthorised space in the same way as any other illegal parking would be.

Also when wanting to park anywhere in a narrow road surely it does not take much intelligence to notice a vehicle already parked opposite where they were going to stop, and thus not leaving enough space for any emergency vehicle to get through if they were to park opposite.

Try parking further along the road if there is space otherwise why not park a bit further away and try using legs to walk back.

Far too many individuals nowadays seem to think they can do as they like anywhere without giving any thought to people around them,and should be punished accordingly.

H Lewis

Chandlers Ford