The latest account of murder, for that is what it is, on London Bridge shows that our justice system does not work.

The perpetrator was shot, but two families or even more suffer the lasting consequences.

This act by a terrorist who by all accounts should be in prison, doing the time he was allotted.

Many years ago you removed the death penalty for murder, now it is the innocent paying the awful price.

Once a murder filled a paper for a week, now you have to read whether or not your street is the next, for murder and rape is commonplace.

This is what the next government will have to do, take off the gloves, and get down to some serious thinking on crime.

Certainly more police, in security roles, more prisons and prison officers,with better pay.

Reintroduce hard labour and make sure that life is life, as it is for the families of victims.

The situation should not been allowed to happen.

I blame the so called do gooders who think that all crooks are not beyond redemption.

Make life mean life.

Alan Blandford