What is happening to the traffic in our City?

Every journey at the moment seems to take two or three times as long as it used to even at non rush hour times. Roadworks abound,many roads closed forcing traffic onto a restricted number of routes.

The 'New Roads and Street Works Act' places a responsibility on Local Authorities to co-ordinate roadworks to cause the minimum disruption possible to the travelling public and at a time of year that is appropriate.

Is this the case at the moment?

Whilst accepting the public never want roadworks, whilst wanting their roads maintained the run up to Christmas does not seem a very appropriate time.

I am a keen user of my bicycle but it will be very interesting to see how much use is made of the new cycle routes being built.

Mamils (middle-aged men in lycra) will not want to use them.

If you travel from the Winchester Road roundabout to the Chilworth roundabout you will find they use the road and not the provided path.

They do not want the 'inconvenience' of a poorer surface and stopping for road crossings.

Ah well, the Engineers know best!

Ed Fisher