ROMSEY residents are outraged over a “monstrosity” sign which has been erected.

A large sign is being constructed near the cemetery on Braishfield Road and it has left residents confused and frustrated.

One Romsey resident on Facebook commented saying: “I always considered this part of Romsey to be more of a rural setting – I mean just look at the thing.”

Another commenter added: “It is hideous, and it is completely out of character for this rural area.”

The sign is a new cantilever post and support to take the place of the original roundabout direction sign which used to be in the same location.

There will also be another slightly smaller sign created on the opposite side of the roundabout on Braishfield Road.

Councillor Nick Adams-King said: “Due to the existing footway being widened from 1.8m to 3m there is now limited space in the verge to install the sign. It is not possible to install two posts as before and therefore a single cantilever post has been used.

“This has obviously increased the size of the post required as it now needs to support the weight of the sign on a single post.”

He added: “The structure may also look more substantial because the sign needed to be raised to give a 2.4m vertical clearance.

“This is the required height over a shared use route so that cyclists can pass clearly below.

“There will also be another post installed on the north side of the roundabout on Braishfield Road for southbound motorists, which will only have a 2.1 meter clearance as the route north of the roundabout is a footway only.”