RADIOLOGISTS from Southampton General Hospital swapped their scrubs for elf outfits in aid of National Elf Day.

The day saw hospital staff dress their head of radiology and CEO Paula Head as an elf to raise money for Alzheimers Society, raising at least £1,500 for the charity.

Last year, they raised £1,300 for the charity and aimed to beat that amount this year.

Organiser and nuclear medicine radiologist Sophia Gransden said: "It's been really, really good and we've had people donating £20 here and there, for example because their mum has died of alzheimers. We've been doing a raffle for two weeks with fantastic prizes, such as a Hendy Ford mustang, coffee machine and a nerf party.

"We've had a really big push as one in three people get alzheimers, and that isn't just old people.

"Young people get it too, as I've done brain scans and seen people as young as 38 with alzheimers."

Anne Drummond, manager of the radiology department, said: "The staff are amazing. Our CEO has really gone head-first into this.

"Next year, we want to get all of our executives dressed up as elves."