RESIDENTS from over 2,000 homes in Southampton have been banned from hanging Christmas wreaths.

The ban was introduced by Radian Housing, who provide 2,800 homes in the city, as the decoration could “continue the spread of fire”.

It comes after Southampton City Council previously banned doormats from all its properties after they were considered a fire hazard.

Residents shared their anger towards the wreath ban, but the housing providers hit back by saying they are "helping to keep everyone safe".

One resident living in William Bricknell Pavilion, which is maintained by Radian Housing, Jamal Angol, said: “We were one of the first tenants when it was built, and have never been told to remove our decorations before.

“We’re refusing to take it down. It’s ruining our Christmas as my daughter will be disheartened that the wreath she chose may get taken.”

Sheila Sheath, who has been a resident at Crossley Place for 16 years, said: “It is pathetic and I cannot see how it can suddenly burst into flames."

Crossley Place resident Sue John added: “I am disappointed because it kills the spirit of Christmas."

Leader of the Conservative Group in Southampton, Harefield Councillor Daniel Fitzhenry, is urging Radian Housing to reconsider the decision.

He said: “Whilst fire safety is at a priority for everyone, stopping people who have put Christmas decorations up for years is beyond the common sense approach. I ask Radian Housing to reconsider and justify their decision."

Cabinet Member for Homes and Culture and Labour Councillor Satvir Kaur said: "All social landlords rightfully are taking fire safety far more seriously since the tragic Grenfell fire. I respect decisions made by landlords that feel this is a necessary precaution."

Sandra Theckston, assistant director of housing at Radian Group, said: “The festive period is a time to celebrate and we want all our residents to have a happy and safe Christmas. Our policies are always designed in the best interests of customer safety, and our commitment to keeping communal areas clear applies at all times of the year including the holiday season.

“This approach is based on the advice of fire and rescue services and ensures that communal areas are free of any items that could continue the spread of fire or impede safe evacuation of a building in the event of a fire. We have taken, and continue to take, steps to communicate our policy to all our residents and appreciate their cooperation in helping to keep everyone safe by ensuring communal areas are kept clear all year round.”