A NUMBER of car windows have been smashed in a spate of vandalism in Romsey.

A resident claims that a total of seven cars are thought to have been damaged in the early hours of December 9, on Ashdown Way, Romsey.

The police have confirmed three cars were targeted, with vandals smashing the windows of a Mercedes, Citroen and Skoda.

Amber Mountford, a resident of Ashdown Way had her Mercedes' window smashed.

She said: "We are in a row of four terraced houses and all three in a row were smashed.

"From the smashes I heard last night it sounded as if there were five.

"We have seen seven cars which were smashed in Ashdown Way alone."

Amber added: "We are very disappointed that it is happening more often these days- especially as my husbands van was done a few weeks prior to this.

"We are now looking into installing cameras at the front and back of our property in hope that this may help prevent it happening again."

Mark Cooper, who represents Tadburn on the borough council said: "I am sorry to hear this has happened, I hope the people affected are okay. "I hope CCTV from people's houses is available to see how it was done and by whom and to let the Police have the it.

"It is not the cost, but having their private property invaded by people is awful, but hopefully CCTV can help."

A police spokesperson said: "We received a report of three vehicles being damaged at an address in Ashdown Way, Romsey around 3am on December 9.

"Windows of a Citroen C1, Mercedes A180 and Skoda Fabia were damaged.

"Anyone who saw anything suspicious or who may have CCTV outside their home and captured anyone in the street at this time should call 101, quoting 44190441950."