THE final election poll suggests the Conservatives are still heading for a majority, but the race has tightened.

Pollsters YouGov suggest Boris Johnson will head for a majority of 28, putting the Tories on course to win 339 seats.

This is down from the 68 seat majority predicted just two weeks ago.

Labour are on course to win 231 seats, the SNP would win 41 seats and the Liberal Democrats winning just 15 seats.

The YouGov poll, which accurately predicted the 2017 election, interviewed more than 100,000 panelists about their 2019 voting intentions.

In our area, it shows almost another clean sweep for the Conservatives, but the results have slightly changed since the poll which was two weeks ago.

Lib Dems are predicted to pick up a seat in Winchester in the most recent poll, which was previously projected as Tory.

Labour are to still hold their seat in Southampton Test, according to the new figures.

Southampton Itchen is also to be held by the Conservatives, despite the 2017 election being so close with just 31 seats in it.

However, the poll suggests Royston Smith would hold his seat with 49% of the vote and Simon Letts finishing with 40%.

A full list of the predicted results are:

Romsey and Southampton North

Con: 52%

Lab: 11%

LD: 35%

Other: 2%

Southampton, Itchen

Con: 49%

Lab: 40%

LD: 7%

Green: 3%

Other: 2%

Southampton, Test

Con: 33%

Lab: 52%

LD: 6%

Green: 3%

Brexit: 5%

Other: 2%

New Forest East

Con: 55%

Lab: 17%

LD: 21%

Green: 5%

Other: 3%

New Forest West

Con: 63%

Lab: 15%

LD: 18%

Green: 5%


Con: 51%

Lab: 10%

LD: 36%

Green: 3%


Con: 46%

Lab: 5%

LD: 47%

Other: 2%


Con: 60%

Lab: 22%

LD: 13%

Green: 5%

Meon Valley

Con: 59%

Lab: 13%

LD: 24%

Green: 4%


Con: 62%

Lab: 23%

LD: 10%

Green: 4%

Residents are set to hit the polls tomorrow, on December 12.