POLICE have issued a warning to Southampton residents following an incident involving rogue traders.

An elderly man from Southampton was forced to withdraw money from his post office account by two men unknown to him who had previously carried out some gardening work for him at his home in Weston.

The men intimidated the elderly man but fortunately staff at the Post Office alerted the police before the man handed over any money.

The incident happened on Wednesday, 4 December between 1.30pm and 2.10pm in Hamble.

Officers investigating the incident continue to try and identify the men involved.

Following the incident, police are reminding people to keep an eye on elderly and vulnerable friends, relatives and neighbours.

Detective Constable Chris Orr from the Western Investigations Team said: “We would like people to be vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to us by calling 101.

“Remember, never employ passing traders and never pay any money up front. In suspicious circumstances residents may be quoted a price for services, which is later grossly inflated when the work is done.

“If you are considering having work done to your home or garden, reputable companies will always provide correct invoices and full agreement of the work needed an to be carried out.”