FAREHAM has turned a deeper shade of blue after the 2019 General Election saw the Conservatives retain the seat.

Suella Braverman, who won the constituency in 2015 and kept hold of it in 2017, strengthened her majority by more than 4,500.

She received 36,459 votes, and in her winning speech told the crowd how she led the campaign whilst caring for her four-month-old son.

After thanking her friends and family for their support, Mrs Braverman said: "Baby George has joined us on the campaign and I think he's probably won me over a few votes in this election."

She added: "Thank you for delivering us with a fair and vibrant democracy to allow the people of Fareham to speak."

Fareham has been a Tory stronghold since it was created in 1974 after the Gosport and Fareham constituency split into two.

Labour's Matthew Randall had the second most votes this year, totalling 10,373 – nearly 4,000 less than when he stood in 2017.

Mr Randall said: "Thank you to all of those who voted tactically this time round. I know that Labour might not be the first choice in this seat but I know that I received a lot of messages from people saying we're going to support you this time round.

"It would be wrong to forget about them so thank you."

Matthew Winnington of the Lib Dems, who is also a Portsmouth city councillor, received 8,006 votes. In 2017, he had 3,896.

"It's been an interesting election. I take real encouragement for the result for the Lib Dems here this evening.," he said.

"We've more than doubled our votes from two years ago – that's not bad going. And for us the work starts now for the local council elections in May."

Green Party candidate Nick Lyle received 2,412 votes. Miles Grindey, who represented the party in 2017 in Fareham, received 1,302.

Mr Lyle believes this should be the last election to use the First Past the Post system. He added: "We have 2,400 votes in Fareham but have no voice in Parliament for the constituency.

"However, I think the awareness of green issues in Fareham has grown significantly."


Conservatives, Suella Braverman: 36,459

Lib Dems, Matthew Winnington: 8,006

Labour, Matthew Randall: 10,373

Green Party, Nick Lyle: 2,412

Rejected ballot papers: 286