CAROLINE Nokes has extended her run as MP of Romsey and Southampton North, as she bagged a majority in yesterday's election.

Ms Nokes, who has been a MP for the constituency since 2010 after gaining the seat from Liberal Democrats, has today continued her run of form and won with 27,862 votes.

She came ahead Liberal Democrat Craig Fletcher, who finished in second with 16,990 votes.

Labour candidate, Claire Ransom came third and UKIP's Geoff Bentley came fourth.

Following the announcement of the winner, Ms Nokes said: "It has been a long, cold and hard campaign.

"It was always going to be a interested December election.

"I thank hugely the constituents of Romsey and Southampton North who have put their faith in me for the 4th time, albeit in only nine and a half years.

"I will continue to give them the best possible service that I can."

After the news of coming second in the General Election, Craig Fletcher said: "It obviously wasn't the result we were looking for but Rome wasn't built in a day."

Mr Fletcher was confident ahead of the next election, he added: "If we can do this in 5 weeks, imagine what we can do in 5 years."

Mr Fletcher was given the biggest cheer in the room.

Claire Ransom, said: "I would like to say a really big thank you for Test Valley Borough Council and to all of the activists and voters.

"It means a lot for a first time candidate."

UKIP candidate, Mr Bentley, said: "I am very glad to have stood, thank you very much for everyone who did vote."

A full list of results are;

Conservatives: 27,862

Lib Dem: 16,990

Labour: 5,898

UKIP: 640

Con Hold