JOIN us on another trip back through time - this week to December 1979.

A wide variety of familiar faces were snapped by Daily Echo photographers including Jimmy Tarbuck, Roald Dahl and Mike Channon.

While not taking pictures of celebrities, the lensmen were busy capturing nativity scenes at schools and groups across the county.

As the events in these pictures were taking place, this is what was transpiring nationally:

December 10

Daredevil Eddie Kidd performed an 80ft jump on a motorcycle. Despite making more than 12,000 jumps in his career, Kidd didn’t have a UK motorcycle license until 1995.

December 14

Punk rock band The Clash released the album London Calling. The album is one of the most highly revered albums of all time.

December 20

The Housing Bill was published by the government which gave council house tenants the right to buy their homes. More than 5 million households in the United Kingdom occupy former council houses.